Repair & Service


  • Backup the data on the computer to an external hard drive.
  • Erase the hard drive.
  • Reinstall the operating system and update it with the latest operating system downloads.
  • Install needed software (anti-virus, browsers, adobe reader, editors, etc.)
  • Move the data that was backed up on the external hard drive back to the computer.


  • Remove viruses, malware, adware and spyware.
  • Clean the hard drive of old updates, temporary files and tracking cookies.
  • Remove unused or wanted software.
  • Physically clean the inside of a desktop or laptop using compressed air.  (Dirty computers can overheat and get damaged.)


  • Update installed software to the newest versions.
  • Check to see if drivers need updating.


  • Increase the amount of RAM.
  • Increase the size of or replace the hard drive or change it to a SSD drive for higher speed.
  • Fix power supplies.
  • Fix DVD drives.
  • Upgrade or replace video cards.
  • Upgrade or replace network cards.
  • Add memory readers.
  • Etc.

Other Devices

  • Move/copy photos from your phone or tablet to your computer.
  • Sync your contacts and appointments between your phone and computer.
  • Setup Netflix or streaming on your TV.
  • Setup Networking and file sharing in your home or office.
  • Setup data backups.
  • Setup printers.
  • Setup video cameras.
  • Setup phones and tablets.
  • and many many more…